Ruth Simmentals
Honest Family = Honest Cattle
A family operated business offering quality cattle for over 30 years. Dedicated to producing quality females that work in the showring as well as the pasture. Also producing functional percentage Simmental bulls and club calves. All calves come from Simmental based cows with a sound pedigree.

Mr. Confidence
  • 2012 NWSS Grand Champion Percentage Simmental Bull
  • 2011 American Royal Grand Champion Percentage Simmental Bull
  • 2011 NE State Fair Champion Percentage Simmental bull & Supreme Champion Bull
  • Semen - $20
  • Semen Available Through:
  • Ruth Simmentals - Russ, Barb, and Jake Ruth (402) 367-8390
  • BF Black Simmentals - Bill and Lana Fulton  (402) 274-7454
  • Cattle Visions - 1-866-356-4565

1/2SM 1/2AN
Steel Force x OCC Legend
ASA #: 2534914

Command 23C
Purebred Simmental
Cowboy Cut x Miley Cottontail
ASA #: 3065261
  • Our choice of the 2016 Felt Bull Sale
  • Out of the Tremendous Kenco Miley Cottontail Donor of Sloup Simmentals and Fenton Farms
  • Maternal sibling to SS/PRS Gunslinger, SS/PRS High Voltage, and SS/PRS Tailgater
Purebred Simmental
Hammer x Longs Foxy Lady
ASA #: 2969812
  • $50K Total Valuation Bull
  • Wean and Year EPD'S are in the top 2 and 3 percent of the breed
  • TI in the top 15%
  • Owned With BF Black Simmentals NE, Sloup Simmentals NE, Longs Simmentals IA, Hilltop Simmentals SD,